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Soil Mixes & Amendments

CompostCompost: Our compost is an aged alder bark material, which contains no recycled yard debris. Use it to reduce potential insect, disease, and weed growth or as a top-dress or mulch and tilled into landscape areas.

Super CompostSuper Compost: A manure amendment that is aged and weed free. Used to work into soil for gardens, plantings, and lawns.

3-way Soil Mix3-way Soil Mix: General purpose soil for all landscape and lawn areas. Consists of equal parts Sand, Compost, and Sandy Loam.

4-way Soil Mix4-way Soil Mix: Similar to 3-way with the addition of Super Compost. Great for landscape mounds, gardens, and as a soil amendment.

Raised Garden Bed MixRaised Garden Bed Mix: Similar to the 4-way soil mix, with 50% Super Compost. Used as a soil amendment and garden box fill.

Mason SandMason Sand: Clean, washed sand. Base layer for pools, waterfalls, and paver installations. Also used for play areas and as a soil additive.

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