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Annuals & Perennials


It’s time to plant your summer bloomers and annual flowers! Annual flowers provide exciting and vibrant colors to your shrub beds and containers. From traditional geraniums, trailing bacopa, million bells, to new wave petunias, any color under the rainbow can be found.

Annuals are plants that typically live for one season – spring through the first fall frost. They bloom continuously throughout the season, providing a multitude of vibrant colors to add spice to your landscape. Pick out a hanging basket for that sunny or shady spot to complete the look.

Perennials are your companion plants to your annuals and shrubs. They typically live for longer than one season. Their bloom times vary throughout the season to add drama to any garden. Many varieties are tolerant to shade and drought. Perennials, because of their vibrant blooms, are often used in butterfly and bird gardens. Look for crocosmia, heuchera, delphinium or grasses to add drama to your planting area.